As social media is constantly evolving and social media platforms are more often confronted with laws and rules, YouTube recently announced some big changes. But are these changes in favor of us as marketeers? That’s the big question of course. 

YouTube’s changes are all based on one thing: children. In 4 months from now, YouTube will take every viewer of children’s content for an actual child . This means that parents searching for children’s content will be taken for child as well. YouTube will limit data collection and use on videos made for kids only to what is needed to support the operation of the service. They will, for example, disable features like comments and notifications. One big disadvantage for marketeers and social media strategists is the fact that YouTube will stop personalized ads (luckily for us, only on children-based content).

Now, how will they know which content is meant for kids? Yep, you guessed it, we do the work! Content creators will have to indicate if their content belongs in that category. Yet, surprise surprise, YouTube will do some work too! They will use machine learning to find videos that specifically target children. The machine can recognize kids characters, themes, toys, or games.

The four-month term is a little gift from YouTube for us marketeers and content creators to adjust our strategies, sweet right?! The changes are big, yet necessary as YouTube has been misusing some privacy norms. 

Because of modern technology, YouTube is becoming a platform with more and more kids, so it is indeed important to protect their rights. Bummer for us, I guess? But it’s probably for the best!