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Where’s your party at?

First, we determine where you should throw your party. Is it on Facebook and Instagram? Or more likely on LinkedIn? Twitter, Snapchat, or YouTube maybe? Let’s celebrate your brand on the most useful channels! Did you know you don’t attract your best friends when you select the wrong venue?

What do you need for this kind of party?


During the second stage, we create a clear strategy for your party. Who do you want to target? What’s the tone of voice you want to use? What do you want your conversation management to sound like? We’ll note it down for you in one, effective guideline!


How do you make this party a success?

What do you need to make your party the best one? We set up a great and fun content calendar, make sure you use the best visuals, and provide a great advertising mix on different channels. We make sure your brand gets noticed!

How are you supposed to act at your own party?


Nothing to worry about! Our team makes sure it gets everything covered: publishing and promoting posts, managing your community, starting conversations and keeping up with your strategy. All you have to do is be the star at your own party!


What about the morning after?

The final stage of your party is where we organise a feedback moment and evaluate the results of our campaign together. We want to make your next party an even greater success - without hangovers!

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