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The Impact of Social Media on Brand Loyalty

Social media has revolutionized the relationship between businesses and its customers.

41 Questions with Elise Van de Velde. Get to know Elise, a little more!


5 Awesome Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed – March Recap

The only thing we throwback is a glass of wine, a famous Pinterest quote told us.

7 keys to measuring your social media campaign ROI

Social media has now become a common way to connect with your audience, increase conversions, visibility, and overall presence of your company, regardless of your niche.

Social media marketing trends

The social media trends are ever changing and if you’re still just using Twitter as your main social media strategy, you need to step up your game.

B2B Social Media: What’s in a name?

You will hear B2B marketers say that social media doesn’t apply to them as much as it does to B2C.

Reasons Why You Don’t Get Any Engagement

Getting engagement is one of the most important KPIs for any social media manager – and if it’s not, it should be.

10 Resources to Help You Become a Facebook Flamingo

Facebook’s clean and beautiful design is a double edged sword for small businesses. 

10 influential online marketers to follow right now

Everybody loves influential online marketers and here is why: they are inspiring and they know how to turn social media into a complete money-making business platform.

9 must-have apps for your iPhone to survive the social media jungle

Social media marketing might seem like a scary task to manage for many, but the truth is, there are several must-have apps to use for your iPhone so you can survive this social media jungle we live in.