Never ever will there be such a delicious cooperation like the one WE LIKE YOU set up with 15Gram. A combination of our “never not hungry” attitude and a never-ending love for social media turned into a perfect match. 15Gram, your daily source of authentic - Belgian pur sang - and great recipes which will take you to higher culinary places.


And then it happened, the 15Gram Foodbox was born. First they introduced an inspirational food platform, including a blog and some real kitchen talks. Today, 15Gram is reaching the stars by introducing their own foodbox. Can you imagine, all those tasty recipes in a box, delivered - for free - at your place? Yep, too good to be true.


“All those who love to eat …”, wrong answer! Instead of their food platform, 15Gram’s foodbox has a strong focus on those families without an 9-to-5 mentality, on those who knows when they will leave home in the morning but don’t have a clue on when they will be back.


At WE LIKE YOU we eat social media advertising strategy for breakfast. We guided 15Gram through a wonderful ads world. We analysed, we formulated a social media advertising strategy and set up an internal ads workshop, all while we discussed every useful advertisement opportunity. Pumping into a Facebook carousel advertisement, a social conversion campaign or a lead generation campaign by 15Gram, there is a huge chance WE LIKE YOU was in charge.

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