Ladies at the Movies

Diamonds are forever, just like your movie experience at Kinepolis’ Ladies at the Movies. So why not make that experience last a little longer online? Naturally, WE LIKE YOU got that Ladies at the Movies Facebook page poppin’ like that delicious caramel popcorn!


Ladies at the Movies is this great concept where you can enjoy a lovely evening out with your girl squad and watch a great film. An excellent event that deserved its own little spot on the social web, if you ask us. So we figured out a whole strategy to reach our main goal here: create a successful Facebook page where the wonderful audience of Ladies at the Movies give the event the love that it deserves.


We focussed on two target audiences: Millennials and Generation X. Two groups that go to the movies for the whole experience and not just to go and see the movie they really like. And of course: all gals!


So first things first. Our WLY Wonder Woman Joyce wrote out an entire strategy for the new Facebook page that was bound to make the page bloom. Then Eva and the Kinepolis Team created the page and everything that it needs to be on fleek and 100% ready to be liked. Now, Social Media Kiddo Yente provides snackable content that suits the audience and attract even more lovely ladies to join the greatest community out there!

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