When ‘Engagement’ is one of your common goals, you have to set up a collaboration. MobieTrain is an employee knowledge platform which combines an innovative learning algorithm approach to micro-learning with creative knowledge-on-demand and social learning techniques. Their daily goal: to engage employees, by empowering them with knowledge.


First things first! Before MobieTrain is able to integrate their digital communication strategy it’s important to get their essentials straight; where are they headed for the future, and what do they want to achieve. When everyone is going in the same direction, it will simplify the company’s future expressions.


Today, MobieTrain is facing and operating in a B2B environment. In the end, however, it will be the employees who will use MobieTrain’s platform. Before this happens, the company needs to tell a convincing story to the decision-makers. That’s why MobieTrain will aim to reach professionals instead of the employees themselves.


To define their corporate communication, we arranged an interactive workshop. We kicked off the day with a warm-up exercise to lay out MobieTrain’s communication style and the keywords they use when telling their story. Following from this, we identified the essential steps needed to design and develop the corporate identity. As a final action, we determined the mission statement, personality and essence.

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