Turning 18 Summers old in Belgium equals the “it’s your time to get your driving license”- lecture. By the time you are ready to start a family, a second car is necessary. Family expansion is lurking around the corner, which means the moment you will go for a ride in a family car is near. Surprising how many milestones in life are related to moving you (and your family) from A to B, by car. You don’t have to face those moments on your own! Let us introduce you to MOBLY.


Facing that particular moment in life when you need a second hand car, MOBLY. is your partner in crime. You didn’t know yet — and that’s pretty fine, because MOBLY. is so damn fresh and brand-new. Our challenge, to watch MOBLY.s’ first Social Media efforts grow by finetuning them and launching this brand the right way.


Those people who are facing these specific moments in life: people who become a (bigger) family, those who fell in love with their first job and those people who became parents of an 18- year-old. Yep, quite specific which triggered us a little bit more to roll the dice.


First things first! Let’s make sure MOBLY. bumps into the Social Media landscape the right way. That’s why we’ve developed a smart Social Media launch strategy, one that meets their business goals perfectly. Then we’ve linked these goals to our efforts, creating measurable targets which underpin all copy we write, each video we share, and every photo we post. In this case we strive for a perfect blend between organic conversations and paid reach, to keep MOBLY.s’ marketing approach from feeling like commercial talk. Social Media Strategy, done! Hop on to another challenge: Social Media Content Creation and consultancy.

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