Music Hall

Belgian musical lovers: may we have your attention, please? Let us present you to Music Hall, Belgium’s most known producer, organizer and promoter of the best musical productions, concerts and theatre shows. ‘Cats’, ‘Les Misérables’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’ are just a few examples of the many exceptionally good productions that Music Hall has created. For more than twenty years, this creative organization has brought culture to Belgian people in the most original and qualitative way. Fancy a cosy evening while watching a legendary musical? Trust us: Music Hall leads the way!


One of Music Hall’s biggest 2016 productions was ‘Chaplin, de musical’. Both Belgian and Dutch musical lovers could enjoy this production, and so it was our challenge to conquer both markets! Belgium: not that much of a problem as people know Music Hall and its productions. The Netherlands? An unknown market for Music Hall, so WE LIKE YOU came to the rescue! It was our job to create more awareness among our Dutch target audience for Music Hall and in particular ‘Chaplin, de musical’. We had one month. Challenge accepted!


Theatre, concert, and of course musical lovers across The Netherlands: here comes Music Hall! Since ‘Chaplin, de musical’ was being played in the cultural centre of Amsterdam, we targeted people living in the entire country. Amsterdam is situated quite centrally after all. Hello northern neighbours!


Since Flemish and Dutch can be very different, we tried to use a very neutral tone of voice. So no specific Belgian words, but no wannabe Dutch either. Additionally, we created a suitable content calendar for our Dutch target audience with the right amount of posts to stay top of mind. We combined this content with appealing visuals from the show, rehearsals, and actors in order to make this musical even more attractive, and we topped our campaign off with a perfectly balanced advertising strategy. The result: ‘Chaplin, de musical’, rising and shining in Holland!

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