Poule & Poulette

‘Do it with passion or not at all’, definitely the founders’ thoughts when they launched Poule & Poulette. Poule & Poulette founded in 2012, when they opened their first chicken specialty store in Brasschaat. Two years later, in 2014, this entrepreneurial trio opened a first Poule & Poulette restaurant in the Antwerp city center, followed by another trendy hotspot in May 2015. Today, this culinary concept is flourishing like never before. Mark your agendas and make sure you pay a visit to a Poule & Poulette restaurant!


Scrolling through your Instagram feed, it would be strange if Poule & Poulette doesn’t pop up once in a while. Your Instagram and Facebook feed love this unique and original food concept! A birthday celebration, or just a quick stop ask for a check-in in one of these Antwerp must-visit hotspots. Our goals: to gather all those chicken lovers through social media, provide them with fun content and give Poule & Poulette’s online image a boost!


Food lovers, city-hoppers, families, … Poule & Poulette’s target audience is twofold. In a first place, we need to focus on those who live, study and travel around the Antwerp city center. Secondly, there is Poule & Poulette’s chicken specialty store in Brasschaat, which ask for a very local approach.


Poule & Poulette is trendy, Instagram worthy, delicious, and definitely worth a visit! Believe us: this collab is by far the most yummy one we ever had! Our social media storytellers and community masterminds provide Poule & Poulette with fun social media content, and keep the online conversation going. Besides that, it’s our job to make sure their social ads are optimized. Our main goal? Reaching and activating Poule & Poulette’s target audience. We like to gather all those chicken lovers … online! - Like d’uh!

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