We kick off this case with an interesting fact: did you know that each and everyone of us holds a product printed by REYNDERS label printing at least five times a day? Yes, it’s true. Not kidding. With six specialized printing companies on eight production sites in Europe and Asia, REYNDERS can be considered as one of the most reliable label printing experts in the world. Innovation and quality are two of the core principles that guide the company in providing customers with a wide range of different labels. So, if we ever need some products labeled, we know where to go!


Since REYNDERS label printing is purely B2B focussed, it was our challenge to make the company (more) visible for current and future clients, but also for REYNDERS’ employees and sympathizers. Our main focus was of course LinkedIn, but in a later stage, we also turned towards Facebook. REYNDERS’ pages on these social channels did already exist, so it was our job to boost new life into these.


The audience of REYNDERS is in fact threefold: we mainly focused on current and future clients, but also on employees and sympathizers of the company. Because of this diversity in the target audience, we made sure to create catchy content to address the questions and needs of the entire target group. The content for LinkedIn was mostly kept professional, while the goal for Facebook was to create “infotaining” content.


The communication team of REYNDERS label printing preferred to keep content creation and the maintenance of their social channels internally. Therefore, we proposed a coaching plan including several team meetings on a monthly basis. During these meetings we evaluated the content they provided, reviewed the monthly reports our team created, looked at the future of social media, and of course we addressed any questions the team at REYNDERS had. A very rewarding collaboration: we opened new social media doors for REYNDERS label printing, and they provided us a super nice B2B case!

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