Syntra West

At WE LIKE YOU, we don't fear county boundaries. FOOD@WORK LIVE launched their second edition: a fair organized by Syntra West and POM West-Vlaanderen where employers and employees meet. FOOD@WORK LIVE transformed the city center of Roeselare to ‘the place to be’ for job hunters and recent graduates who are looking for their first job who also have a passion for food. Sounds familiar! (wink!)


Fifteen nutrition companies and six employment agencies were represented during FOOD@WORK LIVE. Together they were able to offer 150 job vacancies. Besides sharing those vacancies, visitors could also learn more about several related education programs through workshops, hear testimonies, and ask questions to people already in the field. Our mission? To announce the event with the right message to the different audiences.


You'd think the FOOD@WORK LIVE's audience was primarily people who were looking for new professional opportunities... WRONG. We noticed several target groups differentiating in age, education level, their stage in life, and interests. For example, there were university graduates looking for their first job and high school students looking for an internship or weekend job. Besides this young(er) audience, FOOD@WORK LIVE was also targeting those who already had a job but were looking for a new challenge.


What did we do? We first analyzed the different types of target audiences: where are they communicating? How are they communicating? Where to find them: online versus offline? Who are the influencers in the field? In the next stage, WE LIKE YOU created content calendars per social media channel and per target audience. These content calendars enclosed interactive copy and visuals, ready to publish! As a last detail, we set up a social media advertising calendar per social media channel and per target audience.

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