Toerisme Limburg

Limburg is so much more than just an area with great nature, where you are able to relax. It’s a place where everyone, younger families and a third audience target group, could find a way where they can fully enjoy the environment of Limburg. They want to differentiate from all the touristic hotspots like Ostend or the bigger cities Brussels or Antwerp by creating great and unique online communication through Social Media.


Limburg is more than a place to stay during the weekend and enjoy the peace and quiet combined with a nice environment in nature. This project had a strong focus on destination marketing. But our main-challenge: to increase the engagement and interactions. That's why WE LIKE YOU defined a custom social media strategy.


First things first. Before we have created the social media strategy for Toerisme Limburg, it’s important to know to who you are communicating. With our approach, we have set up three target main target groups combined with several sub-categories: the Millennials - who will soon become the younger families -, the young families - who love to enjoy some time with their kids -, and the so called DINK'S - over 50 years old who enjoy the quiet environment.


What did we do? First, we have set up a social media strategy looking at how they communicate now through social media, and how they could do it better. Second, based on the strategy, we have organized an interactive and creative workshop where the employees of Toerisme Limburg could brainstorm over social media content and set up a content kalender together.

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