Visit Oostende

People can fall in love with a city and that's exactly what happened to Joyce: she calls Ostend her second hometown. Can you imagine how excited she was when WE LIKE YOU collaborated with Visit Oostende? Like a little girl in a candy store…or something like that. Visit Ostend, and don’t forget your flip-flops!


Ostend is one of the most popular Belgian beach cities. Even if you can’t hit the beach, Ostend offers so much more. A wonderful coastline, countless shops, traditional seaside restaurants, a buzzing nightlife, a stellar sunset view… This city has a wide range of excellent food hotspots. WE LIKE YOU’s mission? Telling the story of each participating restaurant through social media. Challenge accepted!


During the summer, restaurants in Ostend are always fully booked. But what happens when the summer days are over? These days, tourists find their way to Ostend all year round. That’s why strong social media storytelling is recommended during every season. With our approach, we inform two specific audiences: the tourists who love Ostend as much as Joyce does and the locals—those who love to discover new food hotspots and eat. Bon appétit!


What did we do? First, we unlocked each participating restaurant’s unique story. We guided them through the benefits and rules of social media and selected the most valuable social media channels. We created several content calendars (Instagram versus Facebook versus mailings) for each participating restaurant. We monitor those communities and make sure that each post is published at the right time. Every month, we provide our client(s) with a detailed report.

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