Meet Corinne!

by Sophie Herbots · 09/03/2021

Hi, my name is Corinne, I'm 23 years old and a marketing student. This internship will turn my passion for social media into a job. Want to get to know me? Keep reading... 😉

Welcome Corinne

Describe yourself in three words

Sporty, outgoing, and a workaholic

What’s the best piece of advice someone has given to you?

Act confident and no one will question you. 💁🏼‍♀️

What made you choose WE LIKE YOU for your internship?

Social media is my passion. At WE LIKE YOU, I can really focus on the details of social media marketing. After having a conversation with them it made me so excited that I could be part of such an outgoing and nice team.

Your first day as a #WLYIntern. In one word, how do you feel?


Who or which brand do you like the most on Instagram?

@sarahsday holistic health and fitness QUEEN 👑

What’s your anthem?

Me Too - Meghan Trainor

Describe yourself with 5 emojis


What do you like to watch?

Men in suits, oh uh, I mean the tv-show Suits

Do you have any pets?

Twinkle is a 15 years old Border Collie. Holly is a 2,5 years old Mini Australian Shepherd and a mom of 7 lovely puppies.

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What is your biggest dream?

I hope to one day start my own business in the health and fitness industry with a “ditch the diet”-mentality.