Meet our newest addition to the team!

by Sophie Herbots · 12/04/2021

Geerard will be our Photoshop Wizard for the upcoming weeks, let's get to know him a little bit better!

Welcome Geerard

- How are you?

I’m doing a-okay. Still getting used to the whole workflow but give me a few days and I’ll get used to it. Besides that, I am super excited to start and work with these amazing people!

- What's your spirit animal? 🐉

My spirit animal is also the year I was born. Being born in 2000, my spirit animal is a dragon. I love to stretch my wings and take on everything that comes my way.

- Since you're a Design intern, which software do you vibe the most with? Are you a Photoshop wizard, Illustrator maestro, or do you have something else up your sleeve? 😏

I am mostly a Photoshop wizard. Sometimes I start a project with an idea but end up with something totally different because I keep testing features I sometimes don’t know.

- What are some of your secret tips & tricks? 💻

My secret tips and tricks are probably not that secret but always name your layers and work with folders. It makes your work and life so much easier.

- What is the perfect caption for your life? 📱

My perfect caption would be: ‘It is what it is.’ I live very day-by-day, week-by-week

- If you can only keep one picture on your Instagram, which one would it be?

It would probably be one of my last ones. It took me a while to get it right but I love the vibe it gives off. Just me, times four, chilling on the bench eating a croissant 🥐.

I kind of have an obsession with putting things or myself multiple times in one picture. It’s very…..efficient 👀.

- From all the shows you've seen, which character would you be?

Probably Jane Fonda playing Grace, in Grace & Frankie. I also love to drink (sorry mom), stay up late, boss people around 🤪 and be productive.

- We know you're a great designer, but what else do you fancy in your spare time?

I love experimenting with my analog cameras 🎞. There is something about the mechanics and the patience that you have to have, that I just love. The fact that one shot is eternalized on film and you have to wait to see it, is just so nice. It makes you think more about the picture and the moment.

- Share some tunes you're grooving to when you're designing?

Now I have been kind of obsessed with Sevdaliza, Schmyt, and Goldi Boutilier. They are all very underrated artists that deserve more recognition. They always get me in a dancing-on-my-chair kind of mood. I really recommend checking them out on Spotify but also watching their clips on Youtube. They are very entertaining.

- Besides awesome colleagues 🤩 what are you hoping to get out of this internship?

I want to meet new amazing people, gain lots of experience, push myself, learn about the business and maybe learn a new trick or two on Photoshop.

- What do you like to watch?

I mix between Youtube, Netflix, and AppleTV+. If I’m in the mood for drama or intellectual stuff, I go for AppleTV+. If I want to put my brain off I go to Youtube. And if I want to obsess about subjects like crime, food, and news, I go to Netflix. I can easily go through all these interests or moods in 1 night.

Now I’m rewatching Family Guy, from episode one. I also follow For All Mankind on AppleTV+ weekly and it’s so good. It’s about an alternative reality where the Soviets landed on the moon first instead of Americans.