Badminton Vlaanderen

by Eva Ketels · 07/07/2020

the most fun one! Badminton Vlaanderen is a public company bringing together badminton players and lover all over the Flemish region, providing them with the latest news and fun events!

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The Badminton Vlaanderen team consists of a whole bunch of fun people, all with their very own skills. The only thing remaining was a social media expert to take care of the company’s Facebook and Instagram contents. If our team could solve that problem? Of course we can!


Since Badminton Vlaanderen is active in only one part of our little country, we targeted Flemish badminton lovers and players, interested in all kinds of news and events concerning this sport.


Since there were a lot of skills already available in the company’s team, we decided to outsource Amber one day per month (half a day every two weeks) in order to take care of Badminton Vlaanderen’s channels. She’s blending in with the team and the brand as if she never did something else!


With a clear role distribution and a great collaboration, this partnership resulted in a very effective social media strategy, making sure each team member of Badminton Vlaanderen can focus on what he or she does best!