by Eva Ketels · 07/07/2020

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In 2019 Benecol's sales decreased. Why? Because people are less and less afraid of cholesterol. The challenge was clear: regain relevance and make Benecol grow.


Benecol's target group consisted mainly of older people, who experience the effects of high cholesterol. However, we decided to broaden the target group and also appeal to a younger audience.


To make Benecol more attractive again, we need to get away from the current negative message of "be afraid of cholesterol”. Fear is not a good trigger for a positive brand association, especially with a younger target group. Therefore, instead of saying why too much cholesterol is dangerous, we decided to show our audience how to keep their mind and body in top form with small actions. And of course Benecol is part of this!


By using elements of positive health, such as quality of life and mental well-being, Benecol offers real added value to its followers. Our positive tone-of-voice and numerous tips manage to provoke a lot more engagement.