by Eva Ketels · 07/07/2020

Devos & Lemmens, Lacroix, Royco and Imperial have one thing in common: these quality brands all find a home at Continental Foods in Puurs -- one of the most delicious distributors we know!

Piotr miazga WBX Z Lr8 P7 I unsplash


These four brands are all presented on social media and are of course generating lots of engagement. And someone needs to handle that, right? Our challenge: to make sure that the communities of Devos & Lemmens, Lacroix, Royco and Imperial are all treated with just the right amount of love.


The audiences of these four brands are very different: from comfort seekers to real foodies and barbecue lovers. Since we want to respect every brand’s specific tone of voice, we made sure that we knew them all four inside and out.


We check the brands’ communities three times a day, including during the weekends. We are very aware of the importance of a quick and fun community management, so that the quirky side of a brand comes through in an appropriate way. Problems are solved quickly and every engagement is being rewarded with a response from the brand in question.


The communities of Devos & Lemmens, Lacroix, Royco and Imperial are all being managed in a very personal way, tailored specifically to the characteristics of every brand in particular. The marketing teams of these brands don’t have to worry about their social media management anymore!