River Woods

by Eva Ketels · 07/07/2020

River Woods is a ready-to-wear fashion brand that provides timeless classics for women, men, girls and boys. This brand is nothing less than luxury, always the best choice to complete your classy wardrobe! 👔

09 01 2020 3
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Storied fashion brand River Woods has a strong existing web and social media presence. However, there are many opportunities at hand to optimize content integrity, follower growth, channel engagement and most of all webshop purchases. With a focused strategy, the brand can benefit from a collective revamp of all digital efforts.


Business objectives for River Woods include the launch of an impactful brand identity and driving sales. Objectives for social media include awareness and engagement, which eventually lead to sales.


This is a project for which we not only created on-trend content, but also focused a lot on social media advertising. Thanks to a smart mix of the traditional marketing funnel and psychological principles, we were able to reach a very relevant audience and make engagement rates skyrocket like never before.


We reached an ROAS of 26 and more. That means that we gained every euro invested in social media ads back… 26 times. A spectacular result, especially combined with great content and a steady growing community. And yes, we’re proud!