by Eva Ketels · 07/07/2020

Tabasco really is a seasoning that everyone knows and should not be missing in any kitchen. Looking for that extra spice in your life? Tabasco got your back!

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Tabasco once had an active Facebook page with a lot of followers, but this page recently came to a standstill. In addition, most people only know TABASCO® Original Red Sauce, while the brand has many other sauces in its range. Our mission? To bring their Facebook and Instagram page back to life with inspiring content that highlights the different flavors!


Tabasco's ultimate target group are millennials. Their goal is to reach young people who are just learning how to cook, so that they literally grow up with Tabasco in the kitchen.


Our main goal is to inspire people and put the different varieties in the spotlight. By showing that Tabasco is much more than the spicy touch in your spaghetti, of course! That's why we try to put forward very different moments of use, share many recipes and introduce our community to unique combinations.


A few months later and we can proudly say that our pages are alive and kicking again. Our community is very fond of our recipes and local content. Time to take our social game to the next level with fun actions, inspiring Instagram stories and photoshoots!