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Influencer marketing hasn’t been a trend for some time now, but an established value within the marketing landscape. Yet the authentic character that used to be so strong seems to be disappearing more and more, preventing the desired results from being achieved.

At Good Company we know better: a perfect match between brand and content creator is the only key to success. Thanks to a science-based personality test, we don’t take any chances. This way, we don't just provide the perfect fit, but also content and a target audience that is relevant to your brand.

66% of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing budget in the next year.

Influencer Marketing Hub, Report, 2020
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Influencer marketing anno 2021

While 74% of people trust social networks to guide purchasing decisions, 66% of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing budget in the next year. These numbers don’t lie: influencer marketing is booming.

But ‘booming’ doesn’t mean it’s running smoothly, because 61% of marketers also say they have a hard time finding relevant influencers for their brand. And it shows, since the result is the same 10 influencers who promote a waffle iron one day and the latest juice cure the next.

We have to admit that, as content creators, we are no strangers to hyperboles, but reality isn’t that far away. Influencers are still too often picked by the size of their reach. But are there no other criteria that are more important? Like the relevance of this reach? Or to what extent the values of the influencer are in line with those of the brand? The authentic aspect of influencer marketing that was once so important is slowly crumbling, turning into a superficial way of selling.

The same 10 influencers promote a waffle iron one day & the latest juice cure the next.

Bert Gybels, Strategist, WE LIKE YOU
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Our approach

We at Good Company are determined to put that authenticity back into influencer marketing. That’s why we let go of our gut feeling and go for a more in-depth research method. That is why we rely on one of the most credible personality tests in psychology, which we have transformed to make it suitable for brands on one hand and personal brands on the other.

The Good Company Type Indicator, as we call this test, allows us to determine the match between brand and influencer based on brand-related characteristics. The result are high-quality collaborations where brand and influencer are clearly on the same page and followers no longer have to wonder whether the influencer would buy such a product himself if he didn't get it for free.

We at Good Company are determined to put that authenticity back into influencer marketing.

Amber Roelandt, Social Media Manager, WE LIKE YOU

Our way of working

Creating a kick-ass influencer campaign from scratch is what we do best. In order to make things run as smoothly as possible, we have a certain way of working.

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1 ☞ The intake meeting

The intake meeting is a deep dive into the brand. Not only do we get to know each other's team, but we also define the desired goals and success criteria.

2 ☞ Test

The Good Company Type Indicator is an extensive test in which we determine the match between influencer and brand based on brand-related characteristics.

3 ☞ Strategy

Our team creates a campaign based on the findings of the intake interview and the results of the test. The outcome is a detailed campaign approach in which creativity is key.

4 ☞ Campaign

Time to launch that campaign! Influencers are extensively briefed, monitored and supported throughout the campaign. Our team is happy to carry out a profound quality control.

5 ☞ Reporting

All results are collected and compared with the predefined KPIs. This way, it is immediately clear during the presentation what this campaign has delivered.

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