Until now, we’ve never met an audience as enthusiastic as LolaLiza’s fanbase! We’re currently responsible for managing this Belgium-based fashion brand’s community and we’re loving it. Making sure that LolaLiza’s personality is translated properly online, and that the brand is being represented in a warm and friendly way: that’s something WE LIKE YOU is exceeding in!


LolaLiza is a popular Belgian fashion brand, with a huge, sometimes demanding—but grateful fanbase. Fans are especially active on Facebook and Instagram and expect two major things: fun content about pretty clothes and quick answers to their many questions! It’s our job to publish interesting content, make sure our social ads are optimized, and, most importantly, take care of a +110K audience on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, we create content for these platforms and contribute to the creative processes behind events and other projects. Our main goal? Reaching and activating LolaLiza’s target audience. We’re taking community management to the next level!


LolaLiza is a fashion brand for older and younger women, targeting between the ages of 18 and 65+ years old. Focusing on a “female bonding”-aspect, LolaLiza’s approach is to be relatable: LolaLiza is your friend and wants to be connected with its fans.


At WE LIKE YOU, we consider action-reaction highly important. We respond to every comment, question, or private message on LolaLiza’s Facebook and Instagram account. To stay in line with LolaLiza’s vision and mission, we keep a friendly and feminine tone in our communication towards fans. To keep our community’s needs in mind, we find ways to position ourselves in their shoes. What do they need, and why? We react as empathetic as possible every time and are always putting our fans first.

LolaLiza’s fans always come first and we ensure they have a great feeling about the brand while we build a relevant and, most of all, happy community!

Using one word to describe working with WE LIKE YOU: fantastic! With an eye for detail, an extraordinary tempo, a pro-active attitude and extreme dedication to my contacts, Joyce and Eva follow their tasks flawlessly every day. LolaLiza’s community management has only gotten better since these two ladies have strengthened our brand. Where’s the “like” button for WE LIKE YOU? ?

Annelien Alaerts, Digital Communication Coordinator at LolaLiza

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