by Eva Ketels · 08/07/2020

The go-to transport company when you want to get your goods to the right place quickly, safely and with a smile! Let’s roll on! 🚚

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Distrilog is one of the fastest growing transport companies in Belgium. Therefore, the company is always looking for new, motivated employees such as team leaders, truck drivers, site managers, etc. Unfortunately, it is not so easy these days to get the right people in the right place…


From school leavers to people with years of experience: everyone is welcome at Distrilog! That is why we try to reach these people on both Facebook and LinkedIn. In order to reach potential clients, we also like to put Distrilog's activities in the spotlight.


Distrilog is a family business that values team spirit very highly. Of course, we want to convey this atmosphere to our followers through our posts. How? By using images from real employees in the workplace! In addition, we also use collages, animations, etc. to highlight testimonials from satisfied clients and the fun activities organized by Distrilog!


Vacancies are filled, the company gains clients and new sites are opened. We can certainly speak of a success story here!