2022 biggest social media trends

by Alexander Van Horenbeeck · 14/12/2022

2022 ate and left no crumbs, as we say. From photo dumps to YouTube Shorts, a lot of new features and updates have been introduced to the world. Before we start a new year, we want to remind you of some of the biggest social media trends. Are you ready for it? 🤩

Will francis r02wx T3 P Yw unsplash

#1 Brands using TikTok

TikTok, an app ruled by Gen-Z. It’s the perfect place to reach a younger audience. Did you know that 90% of the users are active every day, spending an average of 89 minutes each? People love to scroll and watch a big amount of different videos. This is the ideal opportunity for brands to advertise on this platform. But when you advertise, don’t make it too obvious. In this era, it’s all about going viral and using trending sounds. This one is for our Millennials, take some notes. Try to keep up and don’t let the content come off as boring. Brands that choose a casual, relatable, and humorous approach are more likely to succeed on this platform. One thing you must avoid at all costs: don’t be a Karen. Use some slang and be open-minded. Pass the vibe check. ✅

#2 Post a photo dump

Everyone loves a good photo dump. This is a carousel with a bunch of random pics. It comes across as effortless and it shows the real you. This trend is all about authenticity. It has a big impact on the type of content we post on social media nowadays. We’re moving away from the perfectly created and aesthetically pleasing feed. Don’t forget, you’re the main character. Show your crazy life how it really is. Post less filtered and imperfect photos like for example a food-fail pic. Let your fun side come through and don’t take it so seriously! 🤪

#3 Upcoming LinkedInfluencers

Don’t sleep on LinkedInfluencers. Why is LinkedIn still an underrated platform for creators? We don't understand either! Although we’re talking about influencers, it’s a lot different than other social media platforms. Bill Gates, with 36 million followers, is the Kylie Jenner of LinkedIn. People share more educational and inspirational content on this platform. They put money into the upcoming LinkedInfluencers and creator tools by introducing the Creative Mode and global creator initiatives. This makes it easier to create content and grow an audience. But it's only the beginning… Stay tuned!

#4 Livestream Shopping

We all know the traditional teleshopping on TV. Forget about the outdated way of spending cash. Livestream Shopping is the modern version and the real deal! A host, usually an influencer, promotes a product live on camera. The difference between live stream shopping and traditional online shopping is the interaction with the audience at the moment itself. Viewers and potential customers can ask questions or give comments about the product. At that moment the host can respond to them and give a review. It’s as simple as that and… R.I.P. our money! ⚰️

#5 Short Video Content grows fast

Reels, TikToks, Facebook Watch, and even YouTube Shorts are more trending than ever. Every social media platform is following the trend to implement short video content. They all understood the assignment. These types of videos get more engagement because of the duration and the entertainment level. The duration of the video depends on the platform. But keep in mind, we like it short and sweet. Viewers get bored easily - as in bored after 8 seconds. It’s an interesting strategy for creators but also for brands. Try a personal approach, as if you’re talking or telling a story to your audience.

That's it for the 5 most remarkable social media trends. Keep in touch, because as we know these trends can change as fast as lightning. We are curious about what 2023 has in store for us. ✨