5 Instagram hacks and hidden features you didn't know existed

by Ankie Vanwonterghem · 15/03/2024

Instagram keeps us on our toes with constant updates. Feeling lost in the ever-changing world of social media? Don't worry, we've got your back! In this article, we've listed 5 Instagram hacks you probably didn't know existed.

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Branded stories: the secret to consistency

Ever wonder how those big brands keep their stories looking so clean and on-brand? It's all about the colors! Here's how to achieve that branded look without too much effort:

  • Add an image with your brand colors to your story.

  • Use the handy color dropper tool to snag those perfect hues.

  • Now your stories will be instantly recognizable, just like the cool kids.

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Spice up your location and link stickers

Tired of the same old boring location and link stickers? Breathe some life into them with your brand colors:

  • Add the stickers to your story like you normally would.

  • Hold down that sticker for a second.

  • See that color dropper tool again? Use it to select your brand color and ta da, the sticker has become a little more attractive!

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Cut out your own stickers

Want to go beyond brand colors and add your logo to every story? We got you!

  • After creating your story, simply cut out a sticker from any image. This can be your logo or other brand elements.

  • Find it easily in your saved stickers and reuse it on every story with a tap.

  • Effortlessly rep your brand and boost recognition across all your stories.

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Chat themes: escape the chatroom boredom

Did you know you can ditch the dull chat background and transform it into something fun?

  • Head over to the chat of the person whose background needs a makeover.

  • Click on their profile picture and then "Theme."

  • Ditch the default "standard" and pick a background that reflects your personality. Chatting will never be the same (in a good way)!

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Fancy fonts: loosen up your inner typographer

Feeling limited by the standard font options for your post’s captions? Here’s a way to get creative:

  • Search for "font changer online" in your default browser.

  • Type your text and pick a font that speaks to you.

  • Copy and paste that fancy font into your caption and watch your personality shine through.

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