5 social media trends to watch in 2022

by Emiel Verberckt · 24/11/2021

2022 is just around the corner lurking at us and that usually means it's time for new Social Media strategies! We gathered all the trends that are predicted. Read on and be one step ahead of it all... Which trends did you see coming?

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#1 The right communities are being formed

Haven’t you heard? Nowadays brands are shifting away from mega influencers and are more likely to focus on smaller and more authentic creators! You want to know why? Because brands that partner wisely with these creators are connecting with new audiences, forming new communities and earning their trust in the progress.

But how are they doing this? The key to unlocking these online communities is in the hands of digital creators. Whether it is a fashion YouTuber showing outfits she bought or gamers watching an hour long stream on Twitch. The creators add value and extra richness to a group that is already interested! Almost every social network has jumped on the hype train by making it possible for the creators to monetize their work.


Bang energy paved their way into the TikTok world by collabing with all kinds of different content creators. It didn’t matter if they were big or small. By doing this they appeared on the radar of several communities and got the attention that they were seeking. The result? Every TikTok user now recognizes the brand.

#2 Social commerce will continue to expand

Knock knock, who's there? It's social commerce on its way to becoming a mainstream retail channel! Because people were stuck in quarantine, social shopping became a handy retail avenue.

This trend will get bigger and bigger as social networks come up with pro-selling options like shoppable posts. We don't have to tell you what fun products you come across on Instagram every day. Social network pages are becoming more and more like retail platforms.


The best example of a social network that is turning into a retail platform, is Instagram. By implementing easy features as Shoppable Posts, Instagram gives users an easy way to buy their favorite products in seconds. They even have a whole section dedicated to social shopping where users can browse through a selection of products, these products are specially curated for them based on their interests and what they have been searching for on the app.

#3 Video content will dominate

In 2022, around 80% of the social media content will be video content! No, there is nothing wrong with your eyes, you read it correctly! This shows us how important it is to use video content to stay relevant in the world of social media. You want to keep all of your followers right? Then it is very important that you start using video into your social media. Video content will dominate and anyone who misses the train will find it hard to catch up later, and you don’t want that, right? 😏


Reels is the best place on Instagram to reach people who don't follow you and IT IS a growing global stage where brands and creators can be discovered by everyone. Reels also allow you to express all your creativity in a different and active way. Have you tried making your first Reel?

#4 Ephemeral Content

We are surprised you made it this far… Because today, people's attention spans are short and the way that we like to consume content also changed. This is why short content like stories have become more popular. This type of content is short, engaging, and addictive in a way that people can spend hours scrolling through one story after another. But you are here reading our blog and that’s awesome! 🤗


An example of this is an account takeover. You can have your account taken over for a day by an employee, who takes your followers through a typical workday or a tour of the office.

#5 Live streaming will become the norm

We don’t think we have to explain to you what Zoom is, right? Aren’t we past that yet? Well, we have some news for you… Even if the covid situation is going to improve, live streaming will remain the norm for many people. It is a very efficient way to save time, and we all know time is precious. ⏰


We look at fashion giant Louis Vuitton that chose to continue their runway show during the pandemic through a live stream. The fans of the fashion brand reacted very enthusiastically, because for many it was a special opportunity. Louis Vuitton was surprised by the positive response and is now opting to live stream even more in the future.

So, whether your mind is blown by these 2022 trends or these just confirm the strategy that you were already going to implement, we hope this blogpost gave you some interesting insights!