5 Ways to Include Social Proof in Your Strategy

by Amber Roelandt · 13/08/2020

Did you ever wonder why you just can’t buy that dress without your best friend’s approval or why you could never book a hotel with a bad food rating, no matter how fancy the pool is? Probably not, and maybe that’s where the power of this phenomenon lies. It’s called Social Proof, the part where marketing and psychology come together.

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Whether we do it consciously or not, we trust the opinion of others and tend to copy them. So why not use this in your marketing strategy? And believe us: there are A LOT of ways to tap into this. Ready for our top 5?

1. Influencer marketing

Let’s kick off with the hottest trend from the past few years. Although it doesn’t come as a surprise, influencers are the perfect example of how social proof works. If your favorite make-up artist tells you how amazing her new lipstick is, there’s a 99% chance you order that same lipstick right away. Why? Because this make-up artist is an expert and knows what she’s talking about. In other words: you trust her opinion.

At the same time, this credibility is the biggest hurdle of influencer marketing. If the product and the brand aren’t a perfect fit, you won’t believe it for a second. Imagine Brad Pitt talking about that same lipstick. Weird and not authentic at all, right?

2. Reviews

Reviews. Are. Everywhere. Whether you’re snooping on a webshop, looking for a place to eat or deciding which movie you want to watch: you’ll bump into a bunch of reviews. There are even some websites whose only purpose is to collect reviews, like Yelp and Zoover. And what about social media? Glad you asked! You might have forgotten about them, but yes: Facebook Page Rating and Review still exist!

3. Testimonials

Telling people your product is great isn’t going to do the trick. Making sure other people do is! That’s why sharing how your customers experienced your product or service might be really useful. Examples that appeal to one’s imagination the most are to be found in the health industry. And let’s be honest: doesn’t that incredible before and after make you want to rush to the gym?

4. User Generated Content

Just like testimonials, user generated content is a great way to show how happy people are about your product. Are people tagging you in their posts/stories? Don’t hesitate to repost! Not only you, but your customer as well will be truly honoured. It’s a win-win, you could say. To make it easier for your community to talk about you, you could always create a branded hashtag.

5. Social media engagement

Is social media all about getting likes? Not at all. But we’re not going to lie: having a big amount of followers, likes and comments is also an example of social proof. As we mentioned at the beginning, social proof is all about following the crowd. If this crowd turns out to like a certain brand or product, we tend to like it as well.