A guide to social media design

by Ilian Bosserez · 24/11/2021

If you want a social media profile that stands out, you are at the correct address! Design is such an important part of building your brand online & especially on social media. If you have visually appealing content the consumer will be much more likely to hit the follow or like button! Most people/brands don’t really know how to start making their content more appealing. Because of this, we made a list with tips & tricks to visually boost your content!

Pexels tranmautritam 326501
Pexels tranmautritam 326501

#1 Optimise your images for different types of platforms

This might seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised how many brands do this wrong. For each platform, you have a different set of dimensions and there are different dimensions in videos, stories and static posts. Be sure to double-check the right measurements before you post, it would be a shame to lose a part of your image just because you posted it the wrong one!

#2 Create a Cohesive feed

How do you give your page a certain style or theme? Colors are amazing tools to create an identity and a look & feel for your brand, so do it! While choosing a color scheme, bright and attention-grabbing tones will boost user engagement. How do you implement this in your feed? A great way is by highlighting certain colors in photos or using filters & templates. For inspiration you can check our feed: @welikeyou.social!

#3 Create templates for consistency

Do you know what’s great about templates? They save you so much time and they ensure consistency! Lucky for you there are more than enough platforms where you can create templates on. Some of our personal favorites are programs like Canva, Design Bold and Crello. They are easy to work with and have a wide range of free-to-use templates.

#4 Keep an eye out for your profile 👀

Don’t forget about your profile! Your profile picture, cover photo and other elements should complement each other. Whether that’s through color, imagery, mood or text. You should also implement your logo, because it’s all about that brand awareness! Don’t worry, you can still get creative and design variations of your logo but make sure it is still recognizable. PRO TIP: a good way to switch up your profile picture is by highlighting holidays or events throughout your logo!

#5 Create a variety of different content

So let’s say you have your color scheme, templates and profile in check. Good job, but you are not done just yet! To make your profile interesting, you should have your content shown in various ways. Start by having a wide range of templates for different types of content! Otherwise your content starts getting repetitive and boring! 😴

After all these tips & tricks you can start with designing your profile! We hope you learned something & had a fun time reading, see you next time!