Cracking the code: GEN Z’s attention span in Brazilian marketing

by Marelle Hoens · 07/05/2024

GEN Z's attention span on social media is known for being extremely short. With the constant trigger of new content overflowing their feeds, they've gotten really good at quickly figuring out what's worth their time and what's not. But how do you actually grab their attention? We’ve cracked the code for you!

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No beating around the bush

So, here's the deal: if you want to hook GEN Z you have to make a statement in the first 8 seconds to grab their attention. If you want to keep them interested you got to be straight forward, GEN Z doesn’t have any time to waste. They want their information quick and simple, that’s why short videos like TikTok are the place to be for this generation.

The goal is to present as much interesting information as possible within those first seconds. Whether it is a video, a post or an advertisement, the crucial moments are a make or break for capturing their interest. Once that 8-second mark passes, you've probably lost them. So, get straight to the point!

The attention game

Grabbing the attention of GEN Z is only the first step. Keeping them interested requires being straightforward and delivering the information they want in a quick and easy way.

GEN Z needs to have a constant stream of visual stimulation. While they are constantly drowning in a sea of visuals, you have got to be the bright, shiny thing that stands out. Especially because of their short attention spans, it’s crucial to immediately capture their attention.

Brazilian marketing

We see this happening with Brazilian marketing, a trend that has been over TikTok frequently during the past few weeks. With this marketing technique, they aim to grab your attention with a humorous video that transitions to your business video at the crucial moment when the viewer anticipates what will unfold. This trend instantly makes GEN Z crave for more.

WE LIKE YOU example

With millions of views, this simple yet catchy marketing strategy is a must to keep GEN Z’s attention. Once you’ve got them in, you need to keep them engaged. Keep it simple, keep it snappy and make sure you get to the point in the first crucial 8 seconds.