Ephemeral media, the new buzzword

by Eva Ketels · 11/08/2020

A super fancy marketing term which may be useful for your business. Interested? Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. Sit, relax and read all about it in this article.

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Ephemeral media is happening right now and your customers will love it! Here is why: Ephemeral content is rich media, primarily images and videos, that are only accessible for a brief period. For instance, the time-consuming stories you check every day.

This strategy tool is based on several theoretical backgrounds, for instance the scarcity principle. Nowadays, people are used to an overload of content. Due to this, people are more likely to appreciate objects which are scarce. Next to that, ephemeral media is taking advantage of FOMO a.k.a. the fear of missing out. We have to admit, none of us wants to miss something, do we?

Hit the nail on the head, and read this 4 topics which every brand can use to make this happen:

  1. It’s easy to make your followers part of an event through stories. By showing your followers the event, you will increase your audience, the online audience and the physical audience. So be on the ball and attract more people to your next event.
  2. Besides that you may also host a guest take over. Mostly these people are very influential and will bring a lot of followers with them to your account.
  3. Next to that, a behind the scenes, is very attractive to fans of a brand. It’s a piece of cake for you and your followers get the opportunity to see their favorite brand in a way they never get the chance to. As a follower you get a unique experience which you really want to see. And as a brand you show transparency to your customers and you are even creating a closer relationship with them.
  4. Finally, contest and votes are also very interesting if you want to till your followers engagement to another level.

Let’s conclude that besides the budget costs and technical resources, this strategy has a lot of advantages. First of all, it attracts a huge potential audience. Secondly, your followers are triggered interact more with your brand. Your story content will appear in a separate feed and the numbers are measurable. Convinced? Don’t hesitate, it’s a piece of cake. Let us know!