Google it? TikTok it! Is TikTok the new Google?

by Kaat Van den bergh · 30/01/2024

You probably use it more often than you realise. Whether you’re on the lookout for a great dining spot, searching for fashion trends, or seeking inspiration for new furniture: TikTok is becoming increasingly popular as a search engine, overshadowing the giant, Google.

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The TikTok search bar serves as the app's version of SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Your videos on TikTok get categorised based on the keywords you highlight in the caption or incorporate within the video itself. The search option empowers users to explore specific topics, like for example 'Mexican restaurant,’ giving immediate and varied results. The visual element of TikTok is important here because it allows users to find inspiration effortlessly.


Much like Google, TikTok Search heavily depends on keywords to direct potential customers to your content. Within TikTok, you can rely on the Creative Center, which provides an up-to-date list of daily trends. This resource enables you to identify relevant keywords for your company or brand within your specific country, allowing you to customise your content strategy effectively. Furthermore, staying attuned to these trends not only helps you integrate popular keywords but also ensures that your content aligns with the current interests of your target audience.


We're all familiar with the advantages of TikTok: those short videos that captivate the mind, urging users to keep scrolling. Imagine someone on the hunt for a delightful dinner spot, instantly captivated by a video showcasing precisely what they're after. It's the perfect opportunity to entice a potential customer. Blend a compelling visual with some well-chosen keywords, and you've got the ingredients for social media magic.


TikTok is slowly adopting features comparable to Google, having recently introduced TikTok Ad Campaigns. Advertisers can place ads alongside organic content that appears when searching in the app. Now is the right moment to jump on a journey with TikTok Ad Campaigns, exploring the possibilities and opportunities it can bring to your brand or company.

We can definitely say that TikTok Search isn't just a trend! It's a game-changer, rivalling even the mighty Google. The fusion of powerful keywords, visual appeal, and TikTok Ad Campaigns creates an immense opportunity for your brand.

Seize the moment on TikTok and start this journey now because the possibilities are truly endless.