Influencer marketing 101

by Charlotte De Kemp · 18/02/2020

In 2020 we go for genuine and real, when it comes to influencers. We get that it’s not always easy to know where to start so we made a 101 guide to incorporate influencer marketing within your brand.

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  • The perfect fit: It’s important to choose influencers that align with your brand.
  • Creative freedom: Make a brief for your influencer where you make sure there’s still enough creative control for you influencer.
  • Authenticity: A brief doesn’t put words in the influencer’s mouth, on that same note: choose influencers that are authentic and feel genuine.
  • Part of the team: Influencers basically become part of your marketing team so building a relationship with them is very important.

Nowadays it’s not easy to pick the right influencer. Where a couple of years ago it was a must to have a lot of followers, it’s better to have a closer following/like ratio today.

Influencers with a following of 2K are called micro-influencers and that’s exactly what we need right now!

Once you’ve found your person, you don’t want to take their authenticity away so by making a brand-deal you don’t need to tell them what to say. Provide a brief with everything that has to be covered and what definitely not to say, this should be enough for them to create content that fits their audience.

This was our quick guide to influencer marketing, good luck with finding the perfect influence! ☺️