Shop till you drop: the rise of social commerce

by Elise Van Slycken · 25/01/2024

The shopping game has received a real upgrade over the years, and believe us, it is far from over! Since the corona shake-up, we’ve had to adapt to a new reality where physical shopping was on pause for a while. We’ve all become online experts. Because let's face it, who has time to stand in endless lines when you can also order from the comfort of your couch? So, whether you are an expert at virtual shopping or still need to discover it, social commerce is the place to be.

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What is social commerce?

Social commerce is the ability to purchase products within a social media platform. It's not just a matter of discovering products on social media and then clicking through to a website. No, no! With social commerce, we can now score our favourite items instantly as we scroll through our feeds.

What makes it so irresistible?

The answer lies in the fusion of shopping into the social media world. Tap on a product tag on Instagram and you're taken directly to the online store. Discover a new look on Pinterest, and within a few clicks it's already in your shopping cart. It's simply easy to use. A tap on a product tag on Instagram opens up a world of online shopping fun. This effortless approach not only makes shopping fast but also just plain fun. Social commerce offers a happy and user-friendly experience. It is the perfect blend of accessibility and fun.

Scroll and score: Instagram Shopping

A feature that fits perfectly within social commerce, that probably needs no more introduction, is Instagram Shopping. As you navigate through your feed, product tags stand out in posts from various brands and influencers. Give such a tag a tap and you instantly get a close-up view of the product, including prices and important details. If you decide to shop, a simple tap on ‘Buy Now’ is all you need to be sent directly to the brand's website and complete your purchase. Shopping has never been so direct and efficient!

To boost your Instagram Shopping experience, apply these valuable tips:

  • Follow your favourite brands. This keeps you up to date on the latest trends, deals and sneak peeks you can't miss.
  • Create a wishlist. You can save your products in your ‘wishlist’ for later, so you can't lose track of them.
  • Discover new brands. Be surprised by scrolling through the 'explore' page for new discoveries.
Streaming style: dive into live shopping

Let's also talk about the livestreams where influencers showcase their favourite products, answer live questions and reveal exclusive deals. It's like the digital version of shopping with friends. Livestream shopping has become very popular lately. Thanks to livestream events, shoppers get a unique opportunity to discover brands, ask questions and explore products in a way that is close to the real shopping experience in local stores. This trend especially shines on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Currently, it is mainly Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest that are using social commerce. As interest grows, we can expect more social media outlets to dive into ‘store now’ options.

So, social commerce is a place where trends are born, where we fill our shopping cart and where every scroll is a chance to discover something new. Happy shopping!