Take your Reels to the next level with these 4 major Instagram updates

by Trine Willems · 20/04/2023

Are you tired of spending countless hours scrolling through audio to find the perfect one for your Reel? Do you struggle to edit your videos and make them stand out? Fear not, as Instagram has introduced four major updates to make your Reels experience smoother and more enjoyable. Here are four major updates that will change your Instagram game.

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Search for trending reels

As a creator, you can now easily browse the top trending hashtags and audio for Reels by using the "Check today's Reels trends" option. This update allows you to see how many times the audio has been used and easily save it to use later. No more scrolling for hours to find the perfect audio for your Reel!

Editing Reels made easy

Editing your Reels just got a whole lot easier with Instagram's enhanced editing tools. You can now edit video clips, stickers, audio, and text all on one editing screen. Timing your Reels has also become more convenient. No more struggling with editing - you can now focus on creating quality content.


Likes may not be everything, but engagement is. With the new Reels insights update, you can now see the total watch time of your Reel, which includes any replays, and the average watch time. You will also receive a notification when someone starts following you from a Reel. This feature enables you to learn what keeps your viewers engaged and up your game!


In November 2022, Instagram launched the "Gifts" feature, allowing content creators to earn money through their viewers. The new update allows creators to see which viewers sent them a gift and engage with them to show their appreciation. This feature creates a win-win situation where you get a little love and give a little love back. Win-win situation!

Let's create more Reels

Instagram's new updates have made creating and editing Reels a lot more fun and convenient. These four major updates help you to stay on top of trends, create high-quality content, track engagement, and engage with your audience in a more meaningful way. By taking advantage of these updates, you can step up your Instagram game and elevate your content to the next level!