The power of TikTok

by Sophie Herbots · 17/03/2021

Rise and shine … A quote that fits TikTok like a glove! For the past two years, the social media platform has taken the internet by storm!

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With over two billion downloads and still breaking records, not a single company (or person) can overlook this booming app. For the people who don't know the app (which is a crime!), TikTok has the power to level-up your engagement with followers by sharing short personalized videos. Oh, and don't rule out the app because of its humoristic purposes, since the app has an educational undertone as well! So keep on reading because we made the perfect guide to become a real TikTok guru! 😎

Step 1: Define your audience

Marketers should know this by heart, but we'll say it once again: identify a target audience. This rule comes in handy in every single way. As for TikTok, the app’s already a real goal-getter because of its billions of views every day. This implies each brand (or person) has the chance to identify its perfect match. To find this match, it is recommended to create personas, which allows you to find the best categories that align with your brand or yourself. Secondly, forget everything you heard about TikTok because the app is not just for Gen-Z! Statistics from the past year show that nearly half of the users are fully-fledged grown-ups. Looks like the TikTok-microbe struck as well … 🦠

Step 2: Be you

Fake news? Nah, we don't like it, and TikTok doesn’t either! TikTok followers want to see the real you. Via TikTok (i.e. genuine user-generated content), it is really easy to get to know you. Focusing on a specific style of video can be helpful to show off your personality. Small businesses, in particular, are lucky because (production) process videos are doing great because it gives a trustworthy signal to its audience. On the other hand, TikTok is made for trending new challenges. People love it when creativity and joy are in the air! Did you know that TikTok's engagement rate is almost 8%? TikTokkers enjoy engaging too! So take notes, community managers, because community building is the pillar of success! 😎

Step 3: Don't skip the music

TikTok without music? It's like Instagram without its like button. Music is one of the simplest ways to entertain people. People react to things they know, which is the foundation for a better connection between you and your followers. It makes sense right? Our suggestion is to emphasize a specific kind of music. The only way to appeal to your target audience is by connecting with like-minded followers in every possible way. With the discover tab, you can hop on the latest trends with matching music. The tab is basically the section where new songs are introduced. Keep in mind that these songs are not the songs we are hearing on the radio, so don't hesitate to use them. According to analysts (and the algorithm), trends and challenges have the best shot to end up on the ‘for you page’. 🕺🏻

*Keep in mind that all music should be licensed.

Step 4: Use eye-catchers

Be noticeable, but let the algorithm do its work! We already highlighted the fact that people love storytelling and communicative stories, but we can't forget this important factor as well. Hashtags, hashtags, and once more: HASHTAGS! They are important in so many ways, but it takes some digging. Wanna find your competitors? Or are you looking for a way to boost your awareness? Hashtags can do it all. Analysts predict that 'Branded Hashtags Challenges' will enjoy massive growth in 2021! #crazy

Step 5: Level-up

Take your account to the next level with different marketing strategies. Paid media, for example, is the way to go if you want to gain new followers and trust. TikTok works in a way that paid media looks almost identical to the organic feed posts, which gives it an authentic feel. Cross-channeling is also a smart strategy: make it clear through your other socials that you are active on TikTok. TikTok has the option to share its videos on any Instagram account, so use it! And lastly, don't write off influencer marketing. More and more brands are embracing the power of partnering to create successful content. Teamwork makes the dreamwork! 👯‍♂️

On a final note: it is pretty clear that it takes a lot to master this piece of art,
but a little bit of fun never hurt nobody, right? So grab your chance

Written with love,
Jana (Intern @ WLY)