How do you make your Instagram highlights stand out?

by Morgan Van Damme · 10/03/2022

Making a fun or good story for your Instagram is something almost everyone does. Unfortunately stories used to disappear after 24h, but no more!

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Saving stories on your Instagram has been possible for a while now and is called an Instagram Highlight. This option gives you the possibility to highlight your best stories, for example, different highlight subjects. Creating highlights may be easy, but how do you make them stand out? 🧐

#1 Think of a catchy look

There are lots of great photos, icons and illustrations to use for a highlight cover, but if you start using different kinds of things it can get chaotic. So choose a similar, but catchy look. For example, limit the images to the use of icons to create a consistent style.

If you use highlights for a business make sure that it matches with your brand identity, by this I mean the colors and fonts that you use.

#2 Be clear

A highlight is not that big, so it should be immediately obvious. Choose an appropriate cover so that people immediately understand what it is about. Clear icons are easy to see and understand.

For example, for a trip highlight, you can use an airplane icon. ✈️

#3 Organization is key

Highlights can work very well for a business to give a small summary about your objectives. It's essential to keep your highlights in a logical and proper order. This gives people a clear overview so they can get to know the company. For example, your first highlight shows what the business does followed by the services the business provides.

What's left to do?

You know what style you want and how you are going to create them. After reading this blog, there is little left to do. The final and most IMPORTANT step of course. What are you waiting for? Because it's time to put your highlights online.

Let people get to know you and amaze them! 🙌