24 May
08 May

Talk about a brand, see its ad: why it feels like Facebook is spying on you

Maybe you’ve had the experience, maybe you’ve heard the theories…

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02 May
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What happened on social media in April: The Recap

While we were all enjoying the sunny weather and celebrating Easter, the magical world of social media didn’t stand still.

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24 Apr

Will TikTok knock Instagram of its Social Media throne?

TikTok is a fun short-form video app that is taking the Social Media world by storm.

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18 Apr

But we are not men – or are we?

You couldn’t have missed it even if you wanted to, winter is finally here.

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10 Apr

I couldn’t help but wonder… why am I seeing this?

 … since Facebook is showing me stuff in my newsfeed and I don’t know why.

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04 Apr

Highlights from the feast of fools

Love it or hate it, but April 1st will always be the feast of fools.

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25 Mar

5 mobile apps to step up your social game

Nowadays, content isn’t only consumed mobile first, but often also created mobile first.

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15 Mar

Plane down! How to survive a social media storm

Boeing is not having a great week, as a second plane in its B737 Max range crashed.

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13 Mar

How to take your CTA to the next level

If you don’t already know what a call to action is, we will explain it to you right now! 

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06 Mar

I See It, I Like It, I Pin it, I Got It. – eCommerce on Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a good Pinterest board with sassy quotes, adorable baby animals and an interior to die for?

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20 Feb

7 Instagram trends that will change the game

Instagram is hot, trending, but most importantly: changing every day.

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14 Feb

5 V-DAY social posts that will steal your heart

Couples walking hand in hand, red hearts everywhere and chocolate basically thrown at your face.

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12 Feb
07 Feb
23 Jan

Excuse me user, can we have a moment to talk about our cause? – Facebook launches petition feature

Remember your aunties latest rant about the failing economy and low retirement income on Facebook? 

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17 Jan


WE LIKE YOU, we liked you a lot, but it’s time for us to say goodbye *cries in Spanish*.

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11 Jan

8 Secrets To Spice Up Your Instagram Game

Ready to spice up your Instagram game?

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02 Jan

New Year, New Social

January is upon us.

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25 Dec

5 Christmas social media posts that will make your jingle bells ring

It’s the holiday season, which means the season of giving. ✨

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19 Dec
12 Dec

Voice messages sliding into your Instagram DMs

Silent night, holy night! 🎶 All is calm, all is bright 🎶…

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05 Dec

Stories: The Biggest Buzzword of 2018

(Instagram) Stories, the channel that we should all invest in. 

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27 Nov

Ready, set, realize how much time you’re wasting on a daily basis

The sweetest gift this season, is the one which makes us realize how much time we spend/waste on social media.

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23 Nov

4 Black Friday social media posts that will blow your mind

Have you ever seen 39-year-old women camp out in front of Target to get their hands on an air-fryer with 20% discount? 

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22 Nov
Facebook workplace, linkedin, social media agency, we like you

Not again: LinkedIn launches the same old story

“If you want to be hip, copying hipsters is a bad move.” 

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20 Nov

‘Keep calm and go to London’ – they said

That’s what we heard last summer from Joyce and Eva.

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11 Nov

My internship at WE LIKE YOU comes to an end – The RECAP

8 Weeks later and 3 kilos heavier, my internship has come to an end. 

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06 Nov

4 Awesome Social Media Marketing Campaigns You Might Have Missed – October Halloween Special

The end of the summer is not the end of the world. We just had to say ‘Goodbye September and hello October!’

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24 Oct

The 5 most shockingly bad social media mistakes that have been made in 2018 so far

When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers: it’s near Halloween!

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16 Oct

5 social ways to build your brand

These days, it’s important to understand how valuable social can be for you brand.

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10 Oct

Recruiting via Social Media

If there’s one thing we know for sure about social media, it’s this: they’re everywhere. 

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04 Oct

#WorldAnimalDay anno 2018

On a day like this, we searched for the best Social Media posts related to #WorldAnimalDay!

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01 Oct

Don’t underestimate the blue bird

When it comes to Twitter, we can divide the world into two categories: those who can stay relevant by only using 280 […]

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19 Sep

Social Media Advertising In 5 Easy Steps

The beginning of 2018 was one to remember for Social Media Managers all around the world, but not in a good way. […]

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17 Sep

Get to know Robin, a little more!

Pumped to have some fresh faces join us for the next 9 weeks…

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12 Sep


Recently, Twitter has been testing some new features, and one of them is displaying recommendations of who you should stop following on […]

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03 Sep
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4 Awesome Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed – August Recap

September kicks in, time to bring things back to normal.

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28 Aug

Disconnect-‘o’-clock: The case for social media timers

This week, Youtube has rolled out a new metric that tells you how much time you’re spending on the platform.

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16 Aug

Why social media should stay social

“Why are you on your phone again?”

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08 Aug

Everyone’s a TV star now

A few weeks ago, on the 20th of june to be precise, Instagram launched it’s newest feature.

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02 Aug
social media updates, ROI, social media marketing, social media, advertising, campaigns

4 Awesome Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed – July Recap

Aaah Summertime’s here! The time where quotes like “I need some vitamine sea” and “beach please” are hard to avoid. Well, we […]

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25 Jul

Creating Brand Advocates – 4 Easy Steps

When you look at social media campaigns nowadays, there’s one element that you really can’t get around: influencers.

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