06 Jul

Hello Yana!

Meet Yana Hi there! My name is Yana, and for the next 2 months I’ll be joining the awesome WE LIKE YOU […]

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23 Jun

Hello there Fabian!

Meet Fabian Hello everyone, my name is Fabian and I’ll be an intern at WE LIKE YOU for the next two months. […]

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15 Jun

Micro-blogging on Instagram

First and foremost, what is micro-blogging exactly? Micro-blogging is sharing useful information, tips and tricks or a personal story in a snackable […]

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03 Jun

Trying to understand memes: The complexity of internet humour

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve definitely encountered a so called ‘meme’ on your Facebook […]

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19 May

How the coronavirus changed our social media consumption

While we all have been staying away from the outside world for quite some time, the online world has expanded in ways […]

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06 May

The perks of going live

In times like these, people are trying to stay connected. But especially for businesses, there’s a big question mark on the how. […]

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21 Apr

2020 is putting the “social” back in social media

If there’s one thing we all know about trends by now, it’s that they tend to come back. Think of crop tops, […]

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15 Apr

Meet Emiel

Howdy folks! 🤠 I’m Emiel, the freshest addition to the WLY-team. For the next 2 months, I’ll be giving my very best to deliver […]

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02 Apr

Meet Lore

Hi there, nice to meet you! I’m Lore a 22 year old enthusiastic coffee lover who will join the WLY team for […]

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23 Mar

Ephemeral media, the new buzzword

A super fancy marketing term which may be useful for your business. Interested? Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. Sit, relax and […]

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20 Feb

Hello there Simon & Robin!

Hey, we will be joining the We Like You team as an intern the upcoming 10 weeks. We are both super excited […]

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18 Feb

Influencer marketing 101

In 2020 we go for genuine and real, when it comes to influencers. We get that it’s not always easy to know […]

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13 Jan

Meet Isabelle!

Hi there! My name is Isabelle and for the next two months I will be joining the amazing team of WLY! Do […]

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08 Jan

Social media trends to watch in 2020

I can’t look into a crystal ball, but it might be fun to predict the future of social media trends in 2020. […]

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05 Dec

5 Ways to Include Social Proof in Your Strategy

Did you ever wonder why you just can’t buy that dress without your best friend’s approval or why you could never book […]

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18 Nov

Meet Jolien & Elias!

Hi there, we’re Jolien and Elias, the two new interns at WE LIKE YOU. We’re both studying Media and Entertainment Business in […]

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06 Nov

#SMWLDN, baby! – 10 things we learned.

London, baby! As if it weren’t enough that Joey repeated this phrase a total of 5 times over the course of the […]

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17 Oct

Find your way in the crazy social media subculture land

Have you ever heard of VSCO-girls, E-boys or Tumblr girls? Several subcultures have appeared on our social media platforms over the last […]

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03 Oct

The rise and fall of social media networks: never forget Netlog

Did that name ring a little bell? Long before we were scrolling through Facebook timelines, watching endless stories on Instagram or searching […]

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18 Sep

Is Instagram coming for TikTok’s throne, already?

Unless you have been living under a rock you would know that TikTok is one of the most popular (new) social media […]

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17 Sep

Meet Jessie and Cherine

Hi guys! We are Jessie & Cherine. We are media & entertainment business students ready for our last year. Even though our […]

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12 Sep

Baby-proofing YouTube: the pro’s and cons. 

As social media is constantly evolving and social media platforms are more often confronted with laws and rules, YouTube recently announced some […]

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05 Sep

How to hack the Instagram algorithm to increase brand engagement?

Back in the good old days, our feeds used to be reverse-chronological. If you posted something, you could be sure that it […]

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19 Aug

The Great Hack: a must-watch documentary that should scare you.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has been all over the media in 2018, but how many details do you remember? Netflix just launched […]

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01 Aug

The One Where Influencers Take It Too Far.

In the era of Instagram, people have gotten more and more extra about their social appearance. And in the world of influencers, […]

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17 Jul

The Emoji Effect, a Cultural Phenomenon

Have you ever asked yourself how many times a day you share your favourite emoji on Facebook and Instagram, or through iMessage? 

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What If Brands Tend To Act Like Mothers?

If we’d ask your mom what you do for a living, what would she reply? 

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10 Jul

Instagram Says “No” To Bullying

It’s no secret at all that we absolutely adore Instagram.

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02 Jul

4 digital summer trends to watch in 2019

From augmented and virtual reality to chatbots and social commerce, our digital landscape is evolving at a rapid pace.

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29 Jun

A rainbow, for #PrideMonth? Groundbreaking.

The end of June also marks the end of this year’s Pride Month.

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25 Jun

Why influencers should start a guild

In medieval times – and for some professions even today – people of a certain craft would gather together in guilds to […]

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Virtual influencers are taking center stage on social media

Human influencers are currently facing growing competition from virtual influencers in today’s digital media landscape. 

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14 Jun

My internship at WE LIKE YOU comes to an end – The RECAP

Here I am, writing a recap about my time at WE LIKE YOU, when my first day feels like yesterday. 

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13 Jun

Food for thought: Is AirDrop the new way of communicating?

There’s a new hype in town, and if you’re not from Gen Z, you’re not safe!

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04 Jun

Now this is a (Facebook) story all about how….pages

My idea of Social Media stories got flipped turned upside down.

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31 May

My internship at WE LIKE YOU comes to an end – The RECAP

What seems like yesterday, I entered the WE LIKE YOU office for the first time, met my new colleagues and introduced myself […]

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28 May

I’m sorry, I didn’t see you in my algorithm!

“Oh no, not another post about the Facebook algorithm”.

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24 May
08 May

Talk about a brand, see its ad: why it feels like Facebook is spying on you

Maybe you’ve had the experience, maybe you’ve heard the theories…

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02 May
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What happened on social media in April: The Recap

While we were all enjoying the sunny weather and celebrating Easter, the magical world of social media didn’t stand still.

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24 Apr

Will TikTok knock Instagram of its Social Media throne?

TikTok is a fun short-form video app that is taking the Social Media world by storm.

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18 Apr

But we are not men – or are we?

You couldn’t have missed it even if you wanted to, winter is finally here.

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10 Apr

I couldn’t help but wonder… why am I seeing this?

 … since Facebook is showing me stuff in my newsfeed and I don’t know why.

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04 Apr

Highlights from the feast of fools

Love it or hate it, but April 1st will always be the feast of fools.

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25 Mar

5 mobile apps to step up your social game

Nowadays, content isn’t only consumed mobile first, but often also created mobile first.

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15 Mar

Plane down! How to survive a social media storm

Boeing is not having a great week, as a second plane in its B737 Max range crashed.

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13 Mar

How to take your CTA to the next level

If you don’t already know what a call to action is, we will explain it to you right now! 

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